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Supremacy the game

Supremacy is a board game, developed by Robert J Simpson many years ago. It is a game of global conquest, where you play a Superpower at the start of a war. This server hosts my local version of the game, modified for the web, and by my whims.

Game Concepts

Supremacy is a turn based game, and each turn is divided into 7 phases. You control a Superpower, your objective is to eliminate all the other Superpowers. To do this you can use your armies, navies, tanks, boomers (submarines), L-Stars (Star Wars defense Satelliets) and K-Sats (Satellite killing satelliets) to defeat your enemies.

The phases (slightly different from the published game) are as follows…

  1. Phase 0 - Set up
  2. Phase 1 - Pay Salaries
  3. Phase 2 - Phase Selection (now part of phase 1)
  4. Phase 3 - Sell
  5. Phase 4 - Move and attack
  6. Phase 5 - Build
  7. Phase 6 - Buy

Before the game begins, there is Set up. Each of the phases has it's own documentation page. Every player participates in phases 0, 1 and 2. Phase 2 is used to choose which of the next five phases to participate in, number dependent on one of the game parameters. Orders for phases 0, 1, 2 and 5 are all performed simultaneously, orders for the other phases are performed individually. Where orders are performed individually, a queue is formed and shown in the game status window. In this version of Supremacy it is possible to attack on turn 1.

For phases which are taken in turns, the current user is shown as “Waiting for orders”, and everyone else participating in the phase is show as “In queue - n” where n is the position in the queue. Then the current user has his turn, he is then placed at the back of the queue, and all queue numbers are reduced by one, the user who was at the front of the queue can then place his orders. These phases continue until every player has passed.

This particular version of Supremacy has been set up with speed of game play in mind. This means that deadlines for placing orders as in place, and it is possible for players to “force” movement of the game once a reasonable amount of time has passed, details of this can be found on the this page.

The game operates on a standard map, although I have added three extra powers, Australia (Eastern Australia, Western Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand); Canada (Northern Canada, Greenland, Eastern Canada and Western Canada) and Arabia (Turkey, Middle East, Arabia, Iraq, Iran). This mean each game can commence with up to 9 players.

Initial Screen

Once you have logged into the game, you are presented with 3 panels and a tool bar. The show the following information:


The toolbar is structured as follows:

Additionally two further menus appear when you are in a game:


The online community is a small one, so please try and stick to a few simple guidelines when playing games…

  • Don't have more than one account - there are no limits to the games you can play, so there's no reason to
  • Keep all communications in-game - it's great when friends/partners/siblings can play together and great to have more people playing, but not great when it gives someone an unseen advantage
  • Don't take unnecessary holiday, especially when you're about to be knocked out!
  • Don't moan about being Force Passed - you've had your chance to play your turn
  • Report bugs when you find them to If it's not a real bug, I'll tell you, if it is, I'll get round to fixing it one day :-)
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